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Bigfoot In New York

This episode originally aired on Wed., 8/20/2008.

Next Air Date: TBD

Featuring the NESRA Field Expedition Team!

What is the Monster of Whitehall? In 1976, in the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York, several police officers reported seeing an animal that they couldn't identify. It was described as a "large creature, seven to eight feet tall, walking like a gorilla hunched over and making a sound like "a woman screaming."

More than 30 years have passed and the sightings continue. The original police officers have agreed to be tested. Follow the MonsterQuest team as they work with local researchers from NESRA in the field in search of the elusive creature. Hear the analysis of wildlife biologist, Dr. John Bindernagel, on the habitat of the Adirondacks and Whitehall area and how it could support and hide these elusive creatures. Watch witness encounters as they recount their hair-raising accounts from the Whitehall area on camera and under polygraph analysis!

Join us as we go on the trail in search of the Monster of Whitehall.

Episode Expedition Team:

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Back Row: Chuck Adinolfi - NESRA Field Researcher, Tom Phillips - Director of Photography - CMJ Productions/Whitewolf Entertainment, Tom Sheehan - NESRA Field Researcher, Dave McCullough - NESRA Field Researcher, Bob Eldrige - NESRA Field Researcher, Chris Bartow - NESRA Field Researcher, Mike Wafer - Episode Director - CMJ Productions/Whitewolf Entertainment, Carl-Andre Hernandez - Field Audio Engineer - CMJ Productions/Whitewolf Entertainment. Front Row: Corey Alarie - NESRA Field Researcher, Mike Killen - NESRA Field Researcher.