Unknown Animal Caught On Trail Cam

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Essex County, NY - Central Adirondacks - June 2006 Trail Cam Shots

Here is an empty frame shot from my trail cams I deployed in June 2006 in  Essex County, NY - central Adirondack mountains. The location was a heavily-wooded, remote location adjacent to a small river/stream.

Below is a shot from the same trail camera a few days later... notice some type of animal mass in the center of the picture behind the first line of tree branches...

What could it be? Hard to tell from the obstructions, but let's look at a close-up of the photo without the animal and then with the animal...

No Animal Close-up:


Now, Close-up with Animal:

Do you see two large-spread eyes and a flat nose? Is that some type of large cat with some prey in its mouth (like a snowshoe hare?)

Unfortunately, it's tough to say with any certainty - the 35mm photos does not hold enough detail... but the photo is interesting... and there appears to be some decent mass to this animal judging by the body size in the background.

Bobcat? quite possibly... The more apt term here would be 'Blobcat'... Here is a couple Bobcat shots including one with a rabbit:

Maybe a Cougar? I'm sure the DEC would not agree with that... but the spread between the eyes, shape of nose and mass of animal makes you wonder... Here's a Cougar close-up: