Delaware County, NY Investigation - Part 1

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As this is my first official blog entry on this website I want to start out by saying shame on me! I should have been posting on this blog all along every time I went into the field but for some reason I just didn’t. From now on I'm going to try to post something here much more regularly to keep everyone updated on my field research efforts. Okay now that I’ve said my peace, on to the blog.

On Saturday 7/26 & Sunday 7/27, my good friend John Campbell and I traveled from Long Island, NY up to Delaware County in upstate NY. This was the first of several trips we have planned to investigate possible Bigfoot/Sasquatch activity in this area.

John had called me to tell me he had some information about a property in upstate NY where there might be possible ongoing Sasquatch activity. The land owner told him she had been hearing a strange noise on the property on a fairly regular basis and didn’t know what to make of it at first. She has since been searching the internet listening to sound clips and came across some wood knocking sound clips. After listening to a number of wood knocking sound files she now thinks that this is what she has been hearing and she thinks she has Sasquatch activity on her property. She described it as the sounds of “lumberjacks chopping wood” and said she hears it around dawn and dusk. She says she had been hearing the noise on and off for quite a while.

The property we are/will be investigating is a large private parcel of land which is surrounded by other large private parcels of land. This entire region is mountainous with many large tracks of forestland, rolling hills, open meadows, creeks, and ponds. There are also a good number of farms, various orchards, corn and grain fields in the surrounding area as well. Unlike state owned land, this is private land so we will be the only ones on the property out in the field day or night. The land owner is giving us complete and total access to go anywhere on the property anytime we want. She will just go about her everyday business whenever we are there and we are/will be free to conduct our investigation pretty much on our own.

We began our investigation on a thickly wooded high ridgeline that is about a quarter of a mile from the house which is where the land owner said she hears the sounds coming from. We didn’t find any possible tracks this first trip but we did find some interesting and unusual stick/limb formations and a small rock stack up on the ridge.

I won’t go into too much detail here in this blog to describe the rack stack, each separate stick/limb formation or even many of the other details of our experience that first weekend. Being that I’m also currently in the process of writing up a more detailed full report on this investigation, which will be posted on this website once it’s completed, I don’t want to repeat myself too much between the two write ups. Although some of the information will need to be repeated in both in order to properly explain certain aspects of this investigation.

I can’t say at this time with any certainty if these formations we found are related to any possible Sasquatch activity that may or may not be taking place on the property. But I do know the best thing I can do is to document every little bit of possible evidence I find on every hike. While it only takes a few seconds to take a picture, the debate over exactly what is shown in the picture could last quite a while at times. But if you never stopped to take the picture in the first place there can be no debate and you just might have unknowingly passed up an opportunity to document some true physical evidence of Sasquatch activity.

Well that’s the short version of what we did there on the first weekend of our investigation. We found some unusual formations and a rock stack but so far no tracks, no vocalizations, and no sightings. Hopefully we will be able to find and document more possible physical evidence on one or more of the follow up trips we have planned. In fact, the next follow up is scheduled for this coming weekend. John and I will be staying at this property again Saturday 8/23 & Sunday 8/24 to continue our investigation. I’ll post the next update on our progress as soon as I can after we get back.