Whitehall, New York & Abair Road - A History of Bigfoot Activity

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Whitehall, New York, a small town on the eastern edge of New York's Adirondack Mountain Preserve, has long been considered a Bigfoot 'hotbed' of activity in Eastern North America. Numerous Sasquatch sightings have taken place in and around Whitehall and in the Adirondacks - dating back to First Nation Iroquois legends and folklore of the woodland 'Stone Giants' as well as documented sightings during the exploration of the St. Lawrence seaway and Great Lakes areas of the U.S. and Canada by French explorer, Samuel de Champlain, in the early 1600's.

Abair Road, on the outskirts of Whitehall, NY, is the location of one of most intriguing face-to-face Bigfoot encounters on file by Whitehall police officer, Brian Gosselin.

NESRA devotes a good amount of time and effort in researching the the Adirondacks, including areas around Whitehall. See more on some of our Adirondack research activities in this Adirondack Research Expedition Report.